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Our mission is to maintain and preserve our community for future generations

through education, comunication, and commitment to Baldwin Lake

100' Rule

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We received a request from the students studying environmental science in a elementary school

to add a link to our web page

great information for kids on conservation

 "Home Science: Backyard Conservation" -


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FAQ  Question that people ask?


What the association does?

          Lake associations have a much stronger voice when dealing with any government agency.  A member from the BLA attends an annual conference with the Michigan Lakes and Streams Association to keep informed on riparian rights and other inland lake issues.


Are you in favor of mosquito spraying?

          contact Tim Osborn


Are you in favor of removing geese on the lake?

          contact Tim Osborn


When is the Road clean-up?

           A decision is coming


How big is Baldwin Lake?

           266 Acres


What can you do at Baldwin Lake?

           Baldwin Lake is an all-sports, 266 acre, spring fed lake in southwest Michigan.  The lake is close to many attractions and activities such as Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana, Shipshewana Flea Market in Amish country, canoeing, kayaking rentals, Lake Michigan beaches, wineries, and coastal towns. Baldwin Lake is less than 20 minutes from South Bend & 2 hours from Chicago.


What does Baldwin Lake Association do?

           The BLA facili-tates many ongoing activi-ties, such as: water clarity and purification testing, con-ducting semi-annual road clean-ups through the Cass County Road Commission, keeping informed on Porter

Township activity and advo-cating for issues concerning the lake communities, main-taining membership in the Michigan Lake & Stream Associations which advo-cates for riparian rights on the state level, coordinating and providing mosquito con-trol, maintaining the boat launch on Sunset Blvd, help-ing to fund the Fourth of July fireworks, coordinating an annual Christmas party for

lake residents, and com-municating community events and concerns through email and Face-book. The lake association is here for you! Email The BLA would not exist without the help and dedication of all the officers and advisors. All positions on the lake associ-ation are volunteer. So, please thank your advisor for all he / she does.


Baldwin Lake Association P.O.Box 311, Union, MI 49130