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About Us

Our mission is to maintain and preserve our community for future generations through education, communication, and commitment to Baldwin Lake

The Baldwin Lake Association was founded on April 13, 1994.

The executive board was:  President – Carol Erbe, Vice Presidents – Don Henke and Phil Yoder, Treasurer – Larry Cook, and Secretary – Alice Ann Troy.  Coe Strain was instrumental in organizing the association. Meetings were held monthly at the homes of various members.

The BLA is a non-profit organization.

The officers and all advisors work on a volunteer basis.  We are very grateful to all past and present volunteers who have dedicated their time and expertise to the Baldwin Lake Association.

The annual membership dues are still the same as 1994 which is $25.  Click here to complete the form.

Go Here for Constitution and Bylaws for the Baldwin Lake Association (this has been updated in 2022)

2022 - 2023 BLA Executive Board

President - Mary Kowalski

Vice President - Andrew Doubblestein

Vice President - Mike Schirott

Treasurer - Jenna Labash

Secretary - Jen Erbe

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