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Lake Zones

Baldwin Lake Zones and Advisors

The Baldwin Lake Association consists of 10 zones, with an advisor for each zone.  The advisor is responsible for keeping up to date on all activities within the lake association, by attending our general meetings, reading the meeting minutes, and group emails. Advisors also keep in touch with the residents from their zone to advocate for their ideas or concerns. It is up to each advisor to keep an updated listing of their resident’s names and addresses.  As new folks move to the lake, an advisor will greet them with a BLA welcome packet.

1: Carson Walter                             574-849-9417

2: Laurie Macri                                      574-536-4689

3: Mike Caddigan                 708-305-9932

4.Barb DeCocq                             269-641-240

5. Mike Schroitt                        847-204-0627

6.Mary Hansen                                574-315-8093

7.Suzie Vosmik                               847-533-9923

8.Julie Alexander Kershner      574-612-1939

9.Jenna Labash                            312-524-8892

10.Claire DeLano                      574-536-5585

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